CIBT Adds New Location in Xi’an City, Shaanxi Province

January 29, 2007

Capital Alliance Group Inc. (TSX.V: CPT) reports that its subsidiary, CIBT School of Business and Technology Corp (“CIBT”), has signed a 2+2 partnership agreement with Xi’an’s Northwest University. Northwest University is one of China’s top 100 universities under Project 211, which is overseen by China’s Ministry of Education. Project 211 is a constructive project aimed at cultivating highly talented individuals for national economic and social development strategies.

Under the agreement, Northwest University and CIBT will jointly recruit students to study in China for two years and articulate its credit transfer into CIBT’s extensive network of affiliated universities located in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Canada, and the United States to complete their bachelor degree overseas. Graduates will receive an accredited degree from its overseas university partners. Currently, CIBT is one of the largest 2+2 program providers in China and enjoyed a growth rate of almost 300% between 2005 and 2006.

The program is for those majoring in Business Administration, Computer Science and Technology, as well as Applied Design to initiate the first 2 years of studies at Northwest University then complete the remaining 2 years of their studies at one of CIBT’s partner universities overseas.

About Northwest University:

Northwest University was initially established in 1902 as Shanxi College and later assumed its current name in 1912. It has 3 campuses encompassing 370 acres, with 22 schools and department’s offering 67 undergraduate programs, 92 masters programs, 37 doctoral programs, and 9 postdoctoral programs. The university’s software vocational college is one of 35 exemplary software vocational colleges in China. The mission of the college is to train students for direct job placements following graduation.

About Xi’an City, Shaanxi Province:

Shaanxi Province has a population of 37 million with Xi’an being the largest and most developed city in the central and northwestern regions of China. It is ranked among the 10 largest cities in the country with a population of 7.85 million people in its metropolitan area and a land-mass covering 10,000 km2 The city consistently receives one of the largest amounts of foreign direct investments (FDI) among cities in western China. In 2004, the city received over US$1 billion in FDI funding.

About CIBT:

CIBT School of Business is a leading business, technology and technical school in China for over a decade. CIBT operates three campuses in Beijing, two campuses in Weifang, one campus in Anyang, and six learning centers in other cities in China. CIBT has academic partnerships with Beijing University of Technology and Weifang University, and delivers postsecondary business, technology and technical trade skill programs to students and corporations in China. By cooperating with leading education providers in North America including Western International University, a subsidiary of Apollo Group Inc., ITT Technical Institute, WyoTech Technical Institute, a subsidiary of Corinthian Colleges Inc., and other universities from Europe and Asia, CIBT delivers advanced curricula to meet the progressive needs of China’s growing student population.

Capital Alliance Group Inc. and
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